When I heard someone talk about Anandajay 17 years ago, I was very touched.

In the depths of my heart, I touched the sounds of his name, my deep longing for contact and also the pain of the lack of contact. I felt very much met in this touch. I did not know at the time that I actually longed for contact with myself, with my soul, my inner self.

The first time I met Anandajay in person I felt as if we were in water that flowed and moved and that his words were the surface of that waving and flowing water. It was the first time that I heard someone talking about something I also felt inside, and until then, I had always been alone in it. My many attempts to share what I was experiencing never seemed to come across completely and there was always something missing in it. But now he was sitting there and I felt together with him and drank his words and recognized myself to my deepest.

That was the beginning of accepting myself as a student and Anandajay as my teacher.

And this relationship has deepened in recent years and his guidance has brought me closer and deeper in contact with myself.  And I am open to the richness of my inner self, and feel that from there I would like to contribute something to the world.

For this purpose I offer Light of Being meditation, a form of meditation that begins with the longing for contact with yourself and allows you to open up deeper and deeper to the human being that you are. I offer Soul Guidance, accompanying conversations in which I invite and support you to make contact with yourself exactly the way you are because there is the door to enter yourself and I offer mantra prayers, devotional prayers of gratitude, consisting of gestures and a mantra. These gratitude prayers give you the opportunity to express your thankfulness for the wonderful richness of all life, including the life we are ourselves.


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