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When I was 21 years old, I met the spiritual teacher Anandajay and his energy touched me deeply, because through his presence I felt my spiritual longing for my source and saw my essence mirrored in his presence. Since then, his spiritual teaching has guided me on my life path, a path on which I wish to be guided by my essence.........


Yoga, HeartSinging

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In 2003 I took my first steps in the Light of Being School of Spiritual Awareness and that is the most beautiful gift I have ever given myself. This school is the place where I found my spiritual home and where, connected with Anandajay and the other teachers, I feel recognized in my desire to contribute a different quality to the world. I feel it is my mission to share with others...............


Meditatie, Yoga, SacredDance, ChakraHealing, KoshaMassage, SoulGuidance, PeaceBreathing, MantraPrayers, HeartSinging, LightMessenger

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When I heard someone talk about Anandajay 17 years ago, I was very touched. In the depths of my heart, I touched the sounds of his name, my deep longing for contact and also the pain of the lack of contact. I felt very much met in this touch. I did not know at the time that I actually longed for contact with myself, with my soul, my inner self.......


Meditatie, MantraPrayers, SoulGuidance, LightMessenger

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