The Great Mantras of Transformation serie







The Gayatri mantra honours ‘Light’ as the most important spiritual value, that surrounds you, shines on you, nourishes you, unburdens you and offers you more freedom, so you can once again live from open awareness. 

The Tibetan-Buddhistic mantra Om Mani Padme Hum honours the ‘Light’ of ‘the Jewel in the Lotus of your Heart’. This jewel is the lightest, deepest and most illuminating aspect of your spiritual heart, the source of love in your being. 

The Sri Ananda mantra expresses the joy of spiritual bliss (the happiness of the soul) from the depth of your Source, through the life force of your Being until  complete surrender. You can use this mantra both as a nurturing meditation (by listening) and as a spiritual cleansing of your energy fields (by singing along).