Vishnu Nityam: The Eternal Here

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1 Om Namo Narayanaya
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2 Om Namo Narayanaya
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3 Mangalam Vishnu
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4 Mangalam Vishnu
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In der Mangalam Vishnu Mantra wird die Vishnu-Energie (unterstützende Kraft) in der Rezitation aus einem tiefen meditativen Erleben heraus besungen, um mit dieser Essenz in dir Kontakt zu machen. Mit der Om Namo Narayanaya Mantra wirst du eingeladen, dich mit der Essenz der Vishnu-Energie, Narayanaya, zu verbinden, dadurch in Frieden zu kommen und so zum Weltfrieden beizutragen via Frieden in dir selbst.

Om Namo Narayanaya mantra

Offers a supporting healing of your self-respect

The value of this mantra:

  • Helps you to love yourself.

  • Makes you aware of yourself

  • Brings you into contact with where you come from.

  • Helps you to take yourself seriously.

  • Frees the energy of your heart and nipples.

  • Jubilates your heart, making your heart sing.

  • Relaxes your shoulders and abdomen.

  • Makes you sensitive to the beauty of life and yourself.

  • Lets love flow in you and through you, from which a peace can emerge to all that lives.

Mangalam Vishnu mantra

Offers a supporting healing of your joy of life

The value of this mantra:

  • Makes you grateful for your existence Put you to embrace life and so make peace with all people

  • Helps you to be.

  • Affirms your base chakra.

  • Fosters the flow of energy in and around the spine.

  • Frees your neck area and thus feelings of inferiority.

  • Gives space to your breath.

  • Relax your ears and temples.

  • Helps you to be in love with yourself.

  • Open your chest area.

  • Fosters the circulation to your legs and feet.

  • Affirms your willingness and ability to deepen relationships.

  • Encourages to embrace life and make peace with all that lives.