Trishna vanto Krishna part 4

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1 Maha mantra
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2 Maha mantra
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3 Maha mantra
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4 Maha mantra
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Der letzte Teil dieser Serie Krishna Mantras besteht aus einer langen Version der Maha Mantra, auch bekannt als Hare Krishna Mantra. Die Maha Mantra besingt auf verschiedene Weisen die wahrhaftigste und freudevolle Essenz, die in jeder Seele anwesend ist: Krishna.

Maha mantra

Offers a devotional healing of your spiritual integrity

The value of this mantra:

  • Lets you go within, to your inner being.

  • Brings you in relation to your being

  • Helps you to let go of personal things.

  • Cleanses your energy field.

  • Helps you to feel yourself.

  • Helps you to withdraw a little, letting go of what accupies you.

  • Opens you for your soul.

  • Brings you into contact with who you are.