Meet Anandajay

Individual meetings 

with Anandajay

In an individual consultation with Anandajay he will always meet you, exactly where you are at that moment, and that what he reads in your energies will be the guideline for the guidance. Precisely where you yourself are unclear, or stuck in your habitual patterns, he can offer what you do not yet see or (subconsciously) do not want to see. He helps you to make contact with yourself, where the fear of change, the fear of having to let go of the well known, is larger than your longing for spiritual freedom and connection. With his sensitive openness, Anandajay has the gift to connect precisely to your desire and to indicate where you could take the next step towards liberation. 

As a result, you are confronted with your reality of that moment and those clear mirrors are not always easy to accept. However, the carrying power of the love from which Anandajay speaks and is together with you, is so present and strong that it supports your willingness to let go. You recognise this carrying love in yourself as well and feel how it supports you when you let go of the known.

There you will find the strength and opportunity to actually take your next step in the (as yet unknown) freedom. Depending on the energies he reads from you, Anandajay sometimes makes use of healing points, massage or breathing accompaniment.

Practical information

Individual consultations with Anandajay can be booked on request for the period from 16 - 23 July 2021 (live or by phone) and prior to and after each activity that takes place during the summer school at the Light of Being Center in Belgium. Bookings can be made on request by contacting the secretariat.

Contribution: € 50 per half hour, individually for 'LoB' participants (for others €60),

€ 70 per half hour for 2 persons for 'LoB'-participants (for others €85).

For additional information or to register, please contact the secretariat.

Individual guidance and stay in The Light of Being Center

The Light of Being Center and the guest apartment are open all year round for you to stay there, have one or more conversations with Anandajay when he is there, or you can participate in various activities we organize there. We give meditation, yoga, and puja meetings and if there are enough people we also organize the Surya Namaskar in the mornings and the Sri Ananda dance in the evening. You can also request conversations with people from the School, or receive an individual Light of Being Massage, Healing, Breath, or Yoga session. Create your own program to bring even more depth and light to your stay and to support your spiritual process.

The Light of Being Center with its beautiful walking environment is a great place to be for a while. It turns out time and again that guests feel at ease and secure in the peace and tranquillity and become more connected to themselves again. We wish that to everyone, so feel welcome!

Even if you have never participated in the activities of the Light of Being you can contact us to discuss the possibilities. For more information about availability and possibilities for individual appointments and for an overview of the prices, please feel free to contact us.