About Anandajay

Anandajay (1955) is a spiritual teacher of Dutch origin, who brings people home to their essence. From an early age his life has been dedicated to the spiritual dimension of existence. In the course of his life he founded the Light of Being organization from which he spreads his life message of love, peace and 'being there'. His great commitment to the state of the world sets him in motion relentlessly to contribute, through the guidance of individuals and groups, and through his music, videos and books, to a more peaceful and natural interaction between people. Nonviolence and respect for life are always central issues here. Many of his experiences are emotionally connected to the spiritual heritage of ancient India, but are fully integrated into the freedom of life here and now.

At the age of forty-three (1998) he was given the name Anandajay during an intense meditation during a stay in India. This means freely translated 'blessings of the heart'. Accepting this name was accompanied by an immense feeling of inner light and space, which moved him deeply and at the same time intensely stilled him. Since then he therefore passes on everything he wants to share with others under the name The Light of Being. In 2002 he moved to the Belgian Eifel, where he founded the Light of Being center and several students came to live around him to collaborate with him to organize his work. From 2020 Anandajay will only give his meetings and retreats during the summer months. During the winter months he stays at La Palma to write his books. In that period the Teachers at the school organize the Light of Being winter program.

Anandajay is always present in his center in Belgium from the month of May until the month of October, where you can get to know him personally.

Anandajay's approach

The strength of all guidance by Anandajay lies in the contact with him. His value lies not in the first place in what he says or offers, but in the source and the energy from which he speaks, sings or gives his meditations. How the meditations and conversations come to you and what effect they can have in your life, has everything to do with how open you are to the depth, light, love and essence he radiates and brings forward from his engagement with you. Anandajay is not a teacher who transmits knowledge that you can apply in your life, because that would keep you in your ego power as the director of your life. Instead you are invited to meet in friendship with him, in a connection in which inspirational feelings, essential energies and healing depth are exchanged.

The atmosphere around encounters with Anandajay always feels open and free and his guidance is always equal, attuned and luminous and because of that openness there is place for humor. Anandajay has no fixed vision of life, but is a teacher who is connected with life itself.

What he says or does, lives in that moment and connects exactly to where you are in your development at the time.

In countless ways, through countless entrances, but always precisely attuned to you, he guides you to other and deeper realms of existence where the answer to your question is ready for you. You then relax into who you are, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. In this way your consciousness feels liberated (light) and you experience how your existence is meant to be. You feel at home again with and in yourself  as a part of holistic creation. The love that can be experienced in this carries everything within it to make you happy and is meant to support you on your life path in all sun and shadow moments, so that you live more and more what you really are. That love is always there, but you yourself are the most important element, in allowing that quality of life into your life.