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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to experience the cosmos of your physical existence -


Light of Being-Yoga starts with an affectionate and receptive awareness of the relationship with yourself and your body before you start with ‘doing.’ This warmhearted, relational involvement is relevant to connect truly, to unite with yourself, your body and mind, with your individualized soul or essence, and with your surroundings and with all there is. The word yoga after all means ‘to add,’ ‘to join,’ or ‘to unite.’ In this form of yoga you start with being in yoga first, instead of having to work toward a yogic state. The yoga postures (asanas) then become naturally peaceful and meditative, in which each movement lets you feel if you are still connected or not.

Every motion then becomes an invitation to meet yourself and life in their essence and provides a more open flow of energy. It nurtures a continuously renewed, sensitive awareness of the reflections you receive while moving and relaxing certain parts of the body. The insights you have, automatically bring about changes in your consciousness. This interiorization offers an even deeper attunement with the truth, which you can experience through your body as well. This, in turn, creates an ever more peaceful reality in which you are both open to your bodily awareness as to the bedrock of Being behind all change (yoga).