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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to experience the energetic radiance of the soul -


The ‘Light of Being’-SoulPainting expresses and makes visible what can’t be seen, namely the soul. You can experience the soul, but it can only be perceived indirectly via energies that arise from the interconnection between your actual existence and your inner soul. You can observe this most easily as currents or colors in the energy field around you (aura). When you are open to your aura, you will become more sensitive to these energies, to its vibrational field and color field, and this will give insight into the messages these energies hold. It will offer a refined reflection of yourself and a more honest look at how you are at that moment. That is, energy already reveals the truth of what is, but what in matter yet has to become.

When you read and recognize these energies and color them on existing drawings, it creates a picture of what your energetic reality looks like at that moment. When you then meditatively allow the entire color drawing into your being with receiving eyes, it will offer a deeper understanding from within of what tensions exist between your inner soul and how you manifest yourself in reality.

After you’ve absorbed this deeply, your longing for wholeness and a deeper knowing within will give rise to corrective energies. The reactions caused by the depth of your being will support you to live with your soul vibration more and more. The illustrations range from floral motifs that symbolize your body to drawings of energetic currents from inner qualities such as self-love, surrender, and meditation. With these drawings, you can express the energetic radiance of your soul and nevertheless let it remain the greatest mystery of your existence.