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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to experience the soul -


In the ‘Light of Being’-SacredDance, performed on the Sri Ananda mantra with an accompanying choreography, you bodily express the immense joy of your existence. Every expression of the dance connects you with all other life that surrounds you. After all, you are part of an immense creation. In this openness, you also feel connected to the other dancers, because you occupy the same space and share a similar affectionate sensitivity from which you move, breathe and bring into motion a flow of energy.

The ‘Light of Being’-SacredDance is only sincerely devotional (sacred) when it connects to your inner self. This dance thus invites you to be receptive and sensitive to your presence and the honesty (honor-ing) with which you unveil your affectionate sensitiveness. From the depth of your being into the space that surrounds you, this dance lets you express your sacred, devotional and spiritual feelings of gratitude for your existence and life. It gives the freedom to show these deep-seated feelings of affectionateness with graceful movements through your whole being. This way you celebrate (dance) the feast of life, it liberates you from emotional bondage, and it awakens the sensitivity and vitality of the body.