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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to be devoted to the soul -


The ‘Light of Being’-MantraPrayers are mantra-prayers who answer your desire to express your gratitude for the innate value of being, for the richness of your aliveness. The value of gratitude has one of the strongest healing effects because it affirms what you do experience, what you do feel and what you do realize. Gratitude opens you to the truth of being. Once you experience the actual values of your existence and presence, gratitude lets you express this affectionate sensitivity as joy, stillness, affection, reverence and humility.

Gratitude for your inner experience lies at the heart of the ‘Light of Being’-MantraPrayers, because it raises awareness that you are valuable, not because of what you do or achieve, but just because you exist. The prayers are short Sanskrit mantras with supporting music. The mantras repeatedly refer to who you are, and the accompanying gestures offer further support your energetic and devotional sensitivity and state of being.

Anandajay has made twelve Sanskrit mantra prayers (pujas) that invite you to reverently voice your devotion to the essence of yourself and thus to the spiritual quality of life (prayers). When you perform these mantra prayers more often and connect with the spiritual values they convey, they will help you connect more and more with the joy and happiness you feel for your existence, simply because you are alive. Each time you are grateful for what you experience in life, you devotionally express the joy of your birth, the joyfulness of being born as a human being here on earth, which is the most precious prayer possible.