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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to experience the peace-offering breath -


The ‘Light of Being’-PeaceBreathing is supported by the essential movement of the breath, which continuously seeks the relation with its surrounding space, and hence with all other life that surrounds you. Everything that longs for that connection, wants to connect and thus come into peace. Because ultimately everything breathes in the same space and drinks from the same source. Furthermore, it’s the nature of the breath to seek freedom, to exist and flow freely, because flowing is the essence of life. This way the breath guides you to your longing to be free.

Everything that receives space and regains freedom feels loved because it may exist. A flow of breath that expands in a more open and receptive space thus gives you the feeling of being loved by life. The exhalation will guide you further inward to yourself, and the experience to be loved and your wish to be one and of equal value externally (breath), will bring you into a deep peace. You experience this state of being not because you make the breath as large as possible; rather, it flowers from your most intimate longing to be in harmony with all that surrounds you.

PeaceBreathing is hence a form of breathing that rises from this longing, without the influence of the ego, and unfolds organically and genuinely peacefully like the blossoming of a flower (Flowering). ‘Light of Being’-PeaceBreathing is the corporeal aspect of the ‘Light of Being’-LoveSharing, which relates this same principle to the quality of love of your heart and how to share this quality with others. In ‘PeaceBreathing’ the essence of all breathing therapy and pranayama is enfolded into one peace-giving form of breathing.