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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to be initiated in the loving message of life -


The ‘Light of Being’-LightMessenger offers wisdom about the underlying principle and basis of life, the primordial peace and goodness that underlies all of the creation. The ‘Light of Being’-LightMessenger doesn’t preach messages that have to do with opinions or beliefs. Rather, it raises awareness about the underlying truth, which goes beyond differences, interests, and interpretations. Just as the heart is the source of love, so is peace the source of Essentiality in everyone.

The LightMessenger is an emissary who, out of a profound respect for your longing for growth, offers support and messenger with messages of bearing truth. It is an emissary who is moved deeply by his essence and the peace and stillness that accompany it. It is from this affectionate sensitivity that he speaks about what is true, the longing for love and the value of life, with those who long for a living relationship with their essence.

Although spiritual messenger and religious beliefs are available in large quantities, the LightMessenger’s sole wish is to help you connect with your bedrock of being. From this bedrock, you can feel that all life has the same foundation and everything is connected through this foundation, even though what is built on top of it differ often. Only when we meet each other through this underlying foundation, we will recognize peace as our true origin, and this is the most intimate message that life offers us (messenger).