Bloem-logo Meditatie

‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to experience oneness with the soul -


The Light of Being-Meditation is a form of meditation in which you descend from the habits of the ego at the surface, to the depth of your inner essence, a process particular to traditional forms of meditation. All its proceedings have a soothing effect because meditative awareness isn’t brought about by ego wanting to reach its underlying source of being. It’s an interiorizing process that melts the ego and thus paves the way to experience your inner being more clearly.

The Light of Being-Meditation invites you to temporarily seclude yourself, be open to yourself and feel your longing to connect more deeply with your essence. This longing naturally and spontaneously frees the flow of your vital energy, opens you to your inner presence, and connects you to the emanating radiance of your inner self.

The Light of Being-Meditation makes use of a particular mantra to express your deep longing to be together with your Self and to give permission to be seated within the Self, to be closely together with your essence. This way the mantra helps you to come in an ever more intimate connection with your inner essence, and by using her daily, she becomes more and more part of your meditation. Eventually, the relationship with your Self may become so deep that you experience genuine peace, enveloped in stillness.

In the meditation, you are fully dedicated to your inner being, to your essence, to your Self. Devotion is the only way in which meditation proceeds organically and in which the intimacy of being together with your essence is the most suitable answer to your longing for love and peace. Stillness is then only the result of the inner tension of separation that has come to an end.