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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to awaken the spiritual heart -


The ‘Light of Being’-LoveSharing is a declaration of love to your soul (Flowering). It is the warmth of love, the light of insight and the power of presence that let her know, through your love, that your ego softened and she can open herself safely. The ego will never be able to get a hold of the soul. Firstly because it is far too small to absorb the grandness of the soul, and secondly, because the ego, if it would ever get a hold of your inner being, it would make it into a commodity and would rid it of its intrinsic value.

Because all humans wish to become who they truly are, your longing to come into contact with the nectar of your essence will always remain. When you experience the origin of who you are, you recognize its source of being in everything (Flowering). Letting your Essentiality blossom within, like a budding flower, and adding this richness to the world, the ‘LoveSharing’ strengthens your affectionate connection with your inner essence. It connects you with the deeper values of yourself, which you can then share with others and which support you in a loving relation to the world.

The ‘Light of Being’-LoveSharing guides you to the shores of the lake of love that awaits you in your spiritual heart. Anyone who has meditated on its shores knows that this vital source and lake of love is present in every living being. The surface of this lake reflects who you truly are and reminds you of the Essentiality from which you and all of life come into being. Recognizing this soul quality in every living being, lets you automatically approach yourself, others, and life with love (LoveSharing).

The more material aspect of the ‘Light of Being’-LoveSharing is offered by the ‘Light of Being’-PeaceBreathing.