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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to balance the coverings of the soul -


The ‘Light of Being’-KoshaMassage gently brings motion, openness, and freedom to the deeper layers of your being, to the more dense and rigid parts of the sheaths that cover your essence. It makes use of the koshas, an Indian concept that means ‘covering,’ indicating the five sheaths around the soul. The first sheath is the Annamaya kosha, which relates to the physical body, to the cells of the body. The second sheath, the Pranamaya kosha, is the layer consisting of prana, the life force that flows through you. The third layer is the Manomaya kosha, the sheath composed of the mind, which relates to your thinking, feeling and acting. Even closer to the soul is the Vijnanamaya kosha, the sheath of your being that concerns everything regarding insight, knowing and discernment, and finally there is the Anandamaya kosha, the subtlest body that relates to your spiritual heart and the experience of bliss. These qualities cover the soul, and through their intrinsic value, we can meet the radiance of the soul.

The KoshaMassage approaches these five energetic bodies in a delicate, sensitive way, to let you experience a different quality of being, as it were a five-dimensional way of experiencing your being. This experience supports you to live with the light of the soul, which is everyone’s most innate longing. During the massage, you lie alternately on your back or stomach, and the masseuse meanwhile uses gentle strokes and touches on the surface of the body, on particular energy points and the chakras. The space just above and around your body is massaged as well with harmonious and current-conducting movements.

The KoshaMassage relaxes your body (Annamaya), frees the flow of your vital energies (Pranamaya), and aligns your thoughts and feelings with how you act (Manomaya). Furthermore, it instills confidence in a deeper knowing (Vijnanamaya), and offers a glimpse of your inner essence, your soul, and its o so familiar quality of bliss (Anandamaya).