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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to sing along with the vibration of your inner heart -


The ‘Light of Being’-HeartSinging is a form of mantra singing that connects you with and lets you give voice to the sphere of your heart and the essence of yourself. It invites you to be devotedly intimate with your heart and inner being, something that naturally occurs when you are very fond of it. By expressing yourself with a naked sensitiveness to what you feel while you remain open toward the outside world, you will clearly hear the honesty with which you reflect your inner value.

In HeartSinging you express the loving relationship with your inner being, and dedicate yourself to and take care of its freedom. By singing you offer these devotional qualities to yourself and the world as a form of healing. In the ‘Light of Being’-HeartSinging, you take time to feel the value of each sound, to feel the flow of breath in every mantra, to feel each mantra in its gentleness and affection and the heart in its purity. When you are open to the spiritual values you experience and express them more freely, devotion will get a worthy place in your life, and you will additionally enrich the world with these energies.

Whether you sing along with existing mantras or sing a mantra from within, only a devotional expression of the beauty of your inner self can be called heart singing. Devotional mantras need sufficient length and build-up to deepen your contact with the values of your inner self. The time is required to let the fledgling connection grow into devotion and to become so intimate with it, that your heart can express itself from that purity. Then it’s not you who sings, but it’s your heart that sings (heart singing).