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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching to embrace the spiritual energies of your humanity -


The ‘Light of Being’ ChakraHealing approaches a human being as an individuated cosmos of energies, energies that come to fruition and blossom more fully when we experience openness and freedom. Your feeling of wholeness, your desire to be whole, to be healed, spawns from the desire of the energies of your cosmos to be themselves, just as you long to be yourself. The ‘Light of Being’ ChakraHealing accordingly doesn’t interfere with your life energy, out of respect for how the vital energy flows in you at that time, but the healer offers you energy, she lets the energy of being flow to you.

The healer opens herself meditatively for the cosmos that surrounds you both, and aligns herself more fully with the quality of being that underlies it. When this quality of being joins with her essence, she offers this energy by touching certain points (energy portals) on the surface of the body and invites you to open yourself in those areas.

This interrelating exchange of the healer’s offerings of essence energy and your willingness, as the receiver, to be open to, receive and incorporate these gifts, makes this a relational type of healing. A relational exchange that will bring harmony to the areas that are touched, and from there to your body as a whole, by aligning the portals and body with your vital energy and inner being. The healing makes you feel more grounded in your bedrock of being, more balanced in your power of being and enables you to act from your bedrock of being. At the end of a healing session, the healer gives you back to yourself by establishing you more firmly into your own cosmos, so you may breathe with her and come home in her (healing).