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‘Light of Being’

- A spiritual teaching of soul oriented guidance -


The ‘Light of Being’-AngelGuidance is a supportive, relational type of spiritual counseling, which has profound respect for the fact that you can’t force someone’s inner self to come to the surface, but that loving sustenance provides a basis in which it can come to fruition. The guidance gives clarity and strengthens the connectedness you feel with your origin, from which you jointly explore your relationship with the Self, your humanity, and the world around you and the people close to you. Together you explore how you wish to respond to your life’s events and inner experiences, what answers might be suitable for you at that given moment, and what consequences this will have as well. These insights will let you take your next steps in accordance with your inner voice.

The ‘Light of Being’-AngelGuidance helps you to connect with where you stand in life right now, with the truth of your presence free from particular goals or what you want to achieve. When you explore this intimately, it puts you in touch with your inner compass, your inner voice and guidance, which has no other purpose than to serve you to become the flower that you are.


There are two types of ‘Light of Being’-AngelGuidance. The first type is a short-term guidance, about certain questions you have in your life at that time. You can decide the frequency of the talks, the duration of the period, and what other forms of support you wish to use - e.g. to make use of pujas, mantras or spiritual texts that further support your emotional, mental and spiritual clarity and sensitivity to these issues.

This type of guidance also exists for longer periods of time, ranging from ten months to up to three years. It consists of daily contact by mail, a weekly conversation (by phone) and a weekly spiritual text, puja, and mantra tailor-made for your spiritual development. This program functions as an intensive, extended, guided pilgrimage, a journey that brings you into a different experience of yourself and the divine, and where stillness, nature and spiritual considerations inspire you and offer depth and substance to your way of living (guidance).