Sri Ananda Jay Ananda

An Exstatic Devotional Mantra

Album art Sri Ananda Jay Ananda
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Sri Ananda mantra:

(79.26 minutes)

About the mantra

This mantra expresses the joy of spiritual bliss (happiness of the soul) from the depth of your Source (alaap), through the flowing life force of your Being (jor) until the complete surrender (jhala). You can use this mantra both as a nurturing meditation (listening and receiving) and as a spiritual cleansing of your energy fields (singing along).

Sri Ananda

Offers a healing through emotional radiance

  • The value of this mantra:
  • Helps you to get to know and deepen the awareness of your longing.
  • Helps you to process melancholy, nostalgia and sadness.
  • Helps you to feel your longing and its accompanying sense of loss.
  • Frees you when you have lost your longing, your soul, your essence, and hid it behind pain.
  • Guides you from firmness and painful feelings to the freedom to feel.
  • Helps you to live sensitively.
  • Helps you with processing obstacles, self-rejection and heaviness.

Great Mantras of Transformation set

Album art The Great Mantras of Transformation set

Gayatri, Om Mani Padme Hum and Sri Ananda mantra.
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