Celebration of Love

Om Purnam, Brahma, Hari-Bhole & Govinda mantra

Album art Celebration of Love
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Om Purnam mantra:

(19.53 minutes)

Brahma mantra:

(19.30 minutes)

Hari-Bhole mantra:

(20.16 minutes)

Govinda mantra:

(19.44 minutes)

About the mantras

The mantras of the CD Celebration of Love assist you in making contact with the supporting spiritual love that is inherent in life and in your being. The mantras of this CD answer your longing for the healing and affirming quality of affection and give you a loving and genuine sense of refuge.

The CD begins with the soothing Om Purnam Mantra, which lets you experience more deeply that ‘Being’, the foundation of your existence, is all-embracing. The mantra lets all of what creation entails and all that you experience in yourself, come together more and more towards an all-encompassing and rightful whole, allowing all emotional fragmentation to disappear.

The Brahma Mantra that follows invites you to recognize that the essence in life and in yourself arises from a deep essential love that wishes to flower and become part of reality.

The Hari Bhole Mantra lets you experience that there is an essential love that gives everything and caresses your heart so it remains gentle and open for the sensitive touches of that love.

Lastly, the Govinda Mantra hails this love-force as the all-attracting Essentiality of Life, that which bestows joy to all souls, gives sustenance to all souls and protects all souls with its energy. It is this love that leads us to surpass our boundaries so we may flourish, become more whole, embrace change more freely and expand our inner light.

After this musical guidance to experience essential love, a profound gentleness and support can be felt in the stillness that remains, from which you will experience and approach life and yourself differently.

Celebration of Love Mantras

4 Loving Mantras for Spiritual Wholeness, Oneness, Embrace & Balance

  • Om Purnam mantra short version: offers a loving healing for spiritual wholeness
  • Brahma mantra short version: offers a loving healing for spiritual oneness
  • Hari-Bhole mantra short version: offers a loving healing for spiritual embrace
  • Govinda mantra short version: offers a loving healing for spiritual balance

Celebration Mantras set

Album art ‘Trimurti’ set

Celebration of Life, Joy, Love, Peace, Light & Being.
Price: 60 euro

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