Celebration of Joy

Govinda Jaya Jaya, Sri Ananda, Hirdaya & Sarvashanti mantra

Album art Celebration of Joy
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Govinda Jaya Jaya mantra:

(20.32 minutes)

Sri Ananda mantra:

(19.54 minutes)

Hirdaya mantra:

(19.39 minutes)

Sarvashanti mantra:

(19.31 minutes)

About the mantras

The mantras of the CD Celebration of joy deepen your contact with your joyous nature and the blessedness of your spiritual heart. The mantras stimulate your openness for the flowering quality of joy and happiness and let you experience its lively power in an encouraging way.

The CD begins with the lovely, comforting Govinda Jaya Jaya Mantra that gently connects you to the depth of your joyful being. Everyday happenings can push your joyous nature to the background, being overshadowed by habits and unconscious reactions and this mantra helps you to reconnect with your inner joy. You’ll begin to feel more openly and fully and your inner joy gently begins to flow through your body and existence and will give you spiritual sustenance and security.

In the Sri Ananda Mantra you can experience that both inner joy and the blessedness of the spiritual heart will join together. This union is a spiritual blessing. The concept ‘Ananda’ (blessedness, bliss) represents the deepest form of joy, and this word is followed by the previously mentioned word ‘Jaya’. To feel the source of joy and life-energy inwardly, deep inside yourself, and to outwardly live your life from the source of love, from your heart, are both joined together in this exciting mantra.

Then comes the Hirdaya Mantra that asks you to feel and follow the truth of your heart, to follow your feelings of love, to live from this source, and to connect and build your relationship with the world from this source. Learning to trust your spiritual heart and experiencing the inner joy that it offers from its loving essence, bring you in contact with spiritual love. Many people wish some kind of assistance with this need-surpassing love, because our society doesn’t encourage it. The concept ‘Jaya’ (liberation, joy, happiness) is also present in this mantra, so you are once more invited to let go of your persistence, so that joy can express itself.

The last mantra of this CD is the Sarvashanti Mantra, because when inner joy and outward happiness are connected freely, when you experience, from your innermost sensitivity to the deepest love you give, a stream of living love, then you will discover the joyous peace (shanti) in every cell of your being (sarva), and that is the spiritual peace (shanti) that you wish to everyone (sarva). When you wish this peace to everyone and you let it flow freely, everyone becomes immensely happy.

Celebration of Joy Mantras

4 Joyous Mantras for Spiritual Comfort, Bliss, Love & Peace

  • Govinda Jaya Jaya mantra short version: offers a joyous healing for spiritual
  • Sri Ananda mantra short version: offers a joyous healing for spiritual bliss
  • Hirdaya mantra short version: offers a joyous healing for spiritual love
  • Sarvashanti mantra short version: offers a joyous healing for spiritual peace

Celebration Mantras set

Album art Celebration Mantras set

Celebration of Life, Joy, Love, Peace, Light & Being.
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