Celebration of Being

I’m Longing to Be, Hymn of Gratefulness, I am (within the Light of Being), Being mantra & Blessing mantra

Album art Celebration of Being
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I’m Longing to Be mantra:

(20.00 minutes)

Hymn of Gratefulness

(19.33 minutes)

I Am (within the Light of Being)

(20.05 minutes)

Being mantra

(20.00 minutes)

Blessing mantra

(19.00 minutes)

About the mantras

The mantras from the CD Celebration of Being let you experience the actuality of their meaning, in connection with the actuality of your existence and can serve as answer to your deep longing for truth, relation and living presence.

The musical guidance begins with the I am longing mantra. It lets you connect with the intense longing for yourself and for Life, for the truth and value of experiencing being. After all, everyone longs for freedom, to be free to be yourself, to be who you are.

The Hymn of Gratefulness expresses the richness of your existence, the many ways in which they are revealed when you experience life freely and openly. Often you feel what you lack, but in openness to the full reality of who you are as a human being you become aware of the many blessings that surround you and support you all the time. To recognize this fullness as the values in which you live, will naturally give you a deep sense of thankfulness and in this mantra we devotedly sing this with the Sanskrit words Dhanyavadah oho dhanyavadah oho bahavaha dhanyavadah. This thankfulness makes you simple, transparent and at home in your beingness.

Now that you experience the authenticity of your presence and its luminance so intimately, the I am within the Light of Being mantra complements this wholly with its grounding effect. It lets the truth of your presence and the basic reality of it become more real.

The musical guidance continues with the Being mantra, where the ‘here and now’ awareness of your inner being is sung and welcomed in many different tonalities. After this mantra the experience of the oh-so tangible Being as the basis of your existence and of existence itself can be so profound, that you can become immersed in meditation spontaneously.

The Darshan mantra that comes next and here is called Blessing mantra, reinforces your longing for your true self and life, and answers as it were with a blessing. Darshan invites you to go beyond your personality and to show your true self and recognize it in all of life. Together with a spiritual teacher, the Darshan blessing lets you dive deeper into the clarity of this reality.

Celebration of Being Mantras

5 Stabilizing Mantras for Spiritual Longing, Presence, Dignity, Openness & Bliss

  • I’m Longing to Be mantra short version: offers a stabilizing healing for spiritual longing
  • Hymn of Gratefulness short version: offers a stabilizing healing for spiritual presence
  • I Am (within the Light of Being) short version: voffers a stabilizing healing for spiritual dignity
  • Being mantra short version: offers a stabilizing healing for spiritual openness
  • Blessing mantra (short version of the Darshan mantra): offers a stabilizing healing for spiritual blessing

Celebration Mantras set

Album art Celebration Mantras set

Celebration of Life, Joy, Love, Peace, Light & Being.
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