Brahma Nityam part 1: The Eternal Being

Om Purnam & Brahma mantra

Album art Brahma Nityam part 1: The Eternal Being
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Om Purnam mantra:

(40.00 minutes)

Brahma mantra:

(39.48 minutes)

About the mantras

Brahma is one of the three aspects of the Hindu holy trinity, besides Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma represents the creating aspect, the holy ‘I’, Vishnu represents the sustaining and nourishing aspect, the holy ‘Here’ and Shiva represents both the destructive and regenerating aspect, the sacred ‘Now’. The Hindu holy trinity, which is called Trimurti (the three liberating aspects) is the only real truth, namely: I, Here, Now.

Brahma is the energy of creation, the energy of being, which permeates all life. Its that which lets you experience your aliveness and that you are part of creation. It is the energy that makes life possible, that makes it possible to experience -being here- and that provides the canvas to what -is- to expand, grow, create and evolve in whatever which way it desires. This evolves into a continuous flux of creative, manifestating energy, which we call life.

The Om Purnam mantra honors Brahman as the essence of existence, of being here, which is wholesome and perfect, eternal Being. The Brahma mantra expresses that only he who recognizes Brahma (the energy of expansion and being) in everything will experience within himself the source of Brahma. The Brahma mantras offer a relaxing healing.

Om Purnam mantra

Offers a relaxing healing of your heart

  • The value of this mantra:
  • Soothes your heart, both in love and in struggle.
  • Helps you to let go of your ego and its constrictions.
  • Relaxes your abdomen and the identity chakra (2nd).
  • Generates reverence and devotion.
  • Relaxes your eyes and forehead chakra (6th).
  • Helps you when in need of forgiveness and in offering forgiveness.
  • Frees the energy in your hands for massage and healing.

Brahma mantra

Offers a relaxing healing of your manifestation

  • The value of this mantra:
  • Helps you to offer forgiveness.
  • Helps you to let go of struggle, frustration and negativity.
  • Relaxes the stomach chakra (3rd) and stomach.
  • Helps you when you long to surrender.
  • Makes you receptive.
  • Disarm your tenacity.
  • Melt away all your resistence.

Trimurti Mantras set

Album art Trimurti Mantras set

Vishnu Nityam, Shiva Nityam and Brahma Nityam part 1 & 2.
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