Anandajay’s spiritual message
in response to the coronavirus

We find ourselves thrown into a completely different world and the consequences will accompany our lives for some time to come. First of all, of course, what is happening is very sad, both the direct impact of the coronavirus and everything around it and its future consequences. It will affect each and every one of us.

The coronavirus makes it clear to all of us how vulnerable our health is, even if we live healthy lives. It also shows us how the world around us functions when difficulties arise. Humanity and togetherness are needed more than ever.

Every time, I run a lap in the garden of my house in La Palma, with the vast, empty lava field around me, where there is no risk of infection, I am more than happy to stick to the rules, and thus show solidarity with all those who live in a village or city and have to stay at home. If we all show our solidarity, it will bring us together. It will also promote love, even if not everyone can show such solidarity. To think that it is of no consequence if I walk somewhere and no one sees it, sends the wrong signal to yourself and to the solidarity mentioned above.


It is not because you are being threatened that you are being asked to take a step back, but because you are being asked to help save people’s lives. Many people, however, find it difficult to take a step back, because they feel they are losing their assured freedom for an unpleasant reason and this makes them afraid. They therefore do not want to experience this step back because they associate it with fear. However, this is not about fear but about a contribution of involvement, empathy, affection, caring, respect and love.

However, I am not asking you not to be afraid, because all of us are frightened in some way. I invite you to let your fearful feelings belong to everything you are and to experience yourself as that whole.

Only when you feel the wholeness that you are, do you experience how that wholeness completely surrounds and embraces your most essential core, so that through the experience of yourself as wholeness, you also feel your essence, your soul, your being and then you can connect with it.


Fear is only one of the elements of your wholeness and your core is the essence of it.

So don’t try to ignore your fear, or to simply remain calm, but look for something in which you can release your energy and positively transform it.

In the end you won’t lose anything because of this crisis,
but you’re asked to give
and to experience the quality of life that comes with it,
that enriches your life.


The more you connect with your being and the more other people also do this, the more natural and balanced your energy, that of the group, of society, and of the world, becomes.

In this way you contribute to a different tone, energy and movement of life as a whole. Just as your breathing becomes harmonious when you connect with your inner self, so the world harmonizes as more and more people connect with their soul or spiritual heart. Therefore, do not get annoyed with everything you do not like, for then you will become a warrior, but give your love to another energy, to that of your soul, of your heart, of your inner being. Be connected to it, let it protect you and let it be a different kind of answer to the uncertainty that was always there, but is now so noticeable. If you do not turn your annoyance, insecurity and feelings of powerlessness into a quality of giving and love, they make you tense, panic-stricken or even aggressive, and these feelings then cannot find a way out and will turn against you, your body or the loved ones around you.

(With everything I’ve written above, I don’t want to trivialise anyone’s private situation, of course, but draw attention to the underlying truth that is the same for everyone).


I invite you to connect with your own inner being, your own soul and essence. Then you contribute to an energy that does not rely on holding, visions or solutions, but you will contribute to an energy in which you can feel the value of your inner self and the energy of inspired and inner wisdom.

Let your love for life and your fellow men
devotionally take shape
by participating in what is asked for
to keep society as strong as possible
and always opening you up to the loving power
that gives you and the world a different atmosphere
that brings light, protects, neutralizes fear
and let you be connected to the essential.


Meditating together
and an ‘energy pose’

To provide support during this time, I have described an ‘energy pose’ that will help you increase your sense of protection. Click here to go to the text. And when you long to contribute to a healing energy for you and the world through meditation, we invite you, in your own way, to meditate together with the people of the Light of Being. They meditate together daily from noon to 12:30 pm (but each on their own), feel welcome to join.

Let this be a very reflective period
to feel what you really want your life to be about.
And let’s move through it together.
With a lot of love and connected from the heart,

In love,