Yoga & Om Adhara puja

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Yoga puja:

(32.27 minutes)

Om Adhara puja:

(32.26 minutes)

About the pujas

The Yoga puja is a prayer to the seven main entrances of unity, seven paths of yoga which correspond with the seven chakras, to experience the connection with the soul as oneness. The yoga paths are: hatha yoga, which offers me calmness and strength; tantra yoga, which offers me intimate closeness; karma yoga, which offers the forces of creation, so marvelously available to play with; bhakti yoga, which offers awareness of your true essence, that you are pure blissful love; mantra yoga, which offers you your inner voice, to call upon and listen to time and again; jnana yoga, which offers luminous wisdom; and raja yoga, which offers inspiring versatility, conjoyning my awareness with my being.

The Adhara puja is a prayer to the holy source of everything and offers an energetic healing to embrace life more fully. The meaning of the mantra Om Adhara Premapurna, Om Adhara shantipurna, Om Sambhavasarva Shanti Om is “Oh dear Origin of all, peace be with you. Thank you for your loving and peaceful sustenance with which you embrace everyone who entrusts himself to you.”

See the booklet for a more detailed description of the pujas and their accompanying gestures.

Yoga puja: Prayer to the Seven Main Entrances of Unity

Offers an energetic healing that helps you to feel complete

  • The value of this puja:
  • Opens you to your longing for wholeness Fresh Tilt the thinking mind
  • Makes you aware of your energetic richness.
  • Teaches you to be grateful for your humanity.
  • Brings you in contact with the important forces of your existence.
  • Makes you aware of your deep longing to bring everything in balance.
  • Opens your longing to live purely.
  • Stills the thinking mind and opens your intuition.
  • Gives you balance.

Om Adhara puja: Prayer to the Holy Source of Everything

Offers an energetic healing that helps you to embrace life

  • The value of this puja:
  • Offers gratitude and spiritual confidence.
  • Helps you to find a base and stability in yourself.
  • Helps you to feel love and peace.
  • Connects your thinking with the light.
  • Helps you to descend when you are closed off.
  • Helps you to let go of your anger and indignation and to say yes to life.
  • Lets your experience sustenance in a precious way.

MantraPrayers set

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