Mahadevata & Chakra puja

Album art Mahadevata and Chakra puja
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Mahadevata puja:

(28.48 minutes)

Chakra puja:

(34.38 minutes)

About the pujas

The Mahadevata puja is a midday-prayer that renews your openness to the four basic forces of your existence: Brahma (the creator or the creative energy that encourages and inspires you), Shiva (the energy that dissolves creation, teaching you to let go and offers relaxation), Vishnu (the energy that nurtures you, supports you and sustains you) and Krishna (the love aspect, the social aspect, the giving aspect, the expressive energy that passes the preceding energies to the world). The puja offers an energetic healing to feel embedded.

The Chakra puja is an prayer to be used at the end of the day to cleanse your elementary energies. Chakras are the areas that store, collect and distribute our life energy. Each chakra has its own kind resonance, both on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. They are known as lotus flowers, refering to their form, because they are rooted in the spine and blossoms more fully as the chakra and its corresponding energy become more present in your day to day experience and behaviour.

See the booklet for a more detailed description of the pujas and their accompanying gestures.

Mahadevata puja: Prayer to the Four Lights of Creation

Offers an energetic healing that helps you to become embedded

  • The value of this puja:
  • Offers you nourishing support.
  • Supports you to take part in life and resonate your essence.
  • Helps you to receive and let go.
  • Gives you a sense of security.
  • Helps you with spiritual malnutrition.
  • Helps you to honor life.
  • Helps you to open yourself to the greater whole.

Chakra puja: Prayer to the Seven Lights of Existence

Offers an energetic healing that helps you to become radiant

  • The value of this puja:
  • Helps you to be open to your chakras.
  • Gives you more self awareness.
  • Lets you experience love for your humanity and birth.
  • Helps you to accept the seven gifts of your birth.
  • Helps you to honor your spiritual presence.
  • HHelps you to release your potential.
  • Gives your spiritual openness.

MantraPrayers set

Album art MantraPrayers set

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