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Tantric Waves tanpura male & santoor in D, Om Mani Padme Hum recitation mantra, Shanti Embrace song & Blessing mantra

Album art Gayatri: Gratitude to the Cosmic Light
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Tantric Waves:

(29.07 minutes)

Om Mani Padme Hum recitation mantra:

(12.26 minutes)

Shanti Embrace song:

(19.12 minutes)

Blessing mantra:

(19.00 minutes)

About the raga and mantras

The Tantric Waves is an instrumental, intense and tranquil interplay of tanpura and santoor in D. The value of this musical piece makes you sensitive and empathetic and gives you trust in the deeper being.

The Om Mani Padme hum recitation supports you in feeling free from your heart. It creates a loving space for neighbourly love and engagement to mankind. The rhythmic repetition of this mantra reinforces the value of the spiritual heart and the longing with which to live with this radiance and act from that light in relation to all that lives. (This recitation is also part of the album Sacred Sounds part 2: The Sacred Sound of Recitation)

The Shanti Embrace song, originally a small part of the long Guru Brahma mantra (39 minutes), supports your openness to the harmony of inner or spiritual peace. ondersteunt je om je te openen voor de harmonie van innerlijke of spirituele rust. Shanti is the Sanskrit word for the original peace that, once felt deep as your true origin, has a peace enveloping effect in all areas of your life, and as such supports your wish for peace in the world. This goes much deeper than a peace that exists through the absence of conflict, and results not from behavior or how you relate, but from inner, recognized richness and freedom. This mantra is a tender expression of the embrace and influence you feel by this peace. (The Shanti Embrace song is also part of the album Sacred Sounds part 3: The Soothing Sound of Embrace)

The Blessing mantra is a special, shortened version of the Darshan mantra. This mantra strengthens your longing for your true self, answering it with a blessing. Darshan invites you to embrace who you are, and through it to see your true self and recognize its reflection in all that lives. Joined with a spiritual teacher, the Darshan blessing brings you into the clearness of that reality. (This mantra is also part of the Celebration of Being).

Tantric Waves tanpura male & santoor in D

Offers a healing of your identity chakra (2nd), heart chakra (4th) and forehead chakra (6th)

  • The value of this mantra:
  • Helps you with centered attention.
  • Brings potency and intelligence together.
  • Alleviates a hardening of the heart and the throat.
  • Makes you sensitive and feel empathy.
  • Offers trust in your deeper being.
  • Relaxes the forehead chakra (6th).
  • Has a purifying effect on your stomach chakra (3rd).
  • Balances strength and sensitivity.

Om Mani Padme Hum recitation mantra

Offers a purifying healing of your inner heart

  • The value of this mantra brings a loving openness to your freedom to feel and express compassion.

Shanti Embrace song

Offers a comforting healing of your spiritual heart

  • This mantra is a soothing expression of being embraced and influenced by peace

Blessing mantra (short version of the Darshan mantra)

Offers a stabilizing healing for spiritual blessing

  • The value of this mantra:
  • Helps you to experience yourself as valuable and full of love.
  • Helps you to allow blessings.
  • Helps you to learn to receive and be enriched.
  • Helps you to be willing.
  • Helps you to experience yourself more gently.
  • Helps you to allow the sweetness of relation and to trust.