Sacred Sounds part 3: The Soothing Sound of Embrace

Gayatri, Sri Ram Jay Ram, Samadhi, Shiva & Shanti Embrace song

Album art Sacred Sounds part 3: The Soothing Sound of Embrace
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Surya Embrace song:

(16.40 minutes)

Sri Ram Embrace song:

(20.03 minutes)

Samadhi Embrace song:

(19.57 minutes)

Shiva Embrace song:

(20.00 minutes)

Shanti Embrace song:

(19.12 minutes)

About the mantras

The Soothing Sound of Embrace consists of five loving mantras to give space to spiritual values, togetherness, inner peace, joy and harmony. Anandajay made these mantras to convey the feeling of being embraced by life or by love. All these songs are accompanied by violins and a loving melody, which encourages you to open your heart and the spiritual quality of your inner value. It brings about a stillness and inner joy and gives you the space to blossom in this sensitivity.

The album begins with the Surya Embrace song. The Surya Mantra supports your openness to your spiritual dignity via the twelve values of the soul, which are sung in the Surya Namaskar. When this gentle version of the surya mantra touches you, it creates a nurturing love of enveloping self-acceptance. Being embraced by the twelve luminous values of the Surya Namaskar Mantra (friendship, self awareness, strength, clarity, freedom, inspiration, originality, wholeness, love, insight, radiance and creation) unfolds joy and inner peace in your heart and soul.

The Shri Ram Jai Ram mantra is a mantra that is often sung, and indicates that joy is the source of your life force. It honors this force, praises this force and trusts this inner joyous energy as the best life energy for inspiration and with which to continue your life path. It's the joy born out of your inner being as constant counselor, source of inspiration and your life's guarantor, and further spiritual awakening. This force, which is often wrongly confused as a positive ego force, is released only in your openness to and togetherness with the 'Greater Whole' and is therefore righteous and remains free from ego-identification. The Sri Ram Embrace Song (20 minutes) supports your openness to this spiritual joy and fluently advances an embrace with the force of the essential spiritual joy that is your origin.

The Samadhi Embrace song supports you to open yourself for your spiritual connectedness with others and for the opportunities available to do so. This mantra gives you a gentle embrace of the value of samadhi, experiencing oneness from relation. Samadhi is an important concept in the philosophy of yoga and expresses how a profound openness to the polarities in yourself, or the distance between you and another, or between you and the world, can let these polarities come so close that they eventually make tangible the harmony of wholeness in that area. As a human being you are of course limited, but in your nothingness you are nevertheless able to experience the fullness of wholeness.

The Shiva Embrace song is dedicated to Shiva, the Eternal Now, the source of change, the source of renewal and destruction. To dwell on the now, is to experience the perfection within continuous change. It is acknowledging that things may pass to make room for the things that come and to experience that although you are feeling all these changes, the one who experiences is permanent, is present, is the blank canvas behind all change. This embrace song helps you to feel friendship and a deeper contact with this unchanging Eternal Now.

The last mantra is the Shanti Embrace song, which is guided by the violin and a woman's voice and helps you to open yourself to the harmony of inner or spiritual tranquility. Shanti is the Sanskrit word for the original peace that, once you have felt deep inside that this is your true origin, has a peace enveloping effect in all areas of your life, and as such supports your wish for peace in the world. This goes much deeper than a peace that exists only through the absence of conflict, and results not from behavior or how you relate, but from inner, recognized richness and freedom. This mantra is a tender expression of the embrace and influence you feel by this peace.

May these mantras support you in all areas of consciousness and human dignity that have succumbed to societal pressure and ignorance of this type of energetic depth.

Surya Embrace song

Offers a comforting healing of your spiritual worthiness

  • This mantra is a soft version of the surya mantra and offers joy and peace through the embrace of the values of the surya mantra.

Sri Ram Embrace song

Offers a comforting healing of your spiritual joy

  • This mantra fosters a fluent embrace with the power of the essential spiritual joy, which is your true origin.

Samadhi Embrace song

Offers a comforting healing of your spiritual togetherness

  • This mantra gives a gentle embrace through the value of samadhi, the experience of oneness from relationship.

Shiva Embrace song

Offers a comforting healing of your spiritual presence

  • This mantra allows you to befriend the ever changing truth of the Now and yourself.

Shanti Embrace song

Offers a comforting healing of your spiritual heart

  • This mantra is a soothing expression of being embraced and influenced by peace.

Sacred Sounds set

Album art Sacred Sounds set

Sacred Sounds part 1 to 3: The Cosmic Sound of Recitation, The Elevating Sound of Praise & The Soothing Sound of Embrace.
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