Sacred Sounds part 1: The Elevating Sound of Praise

Seven aratis: Hamsa Om, Hari Bhole, Guru Brahma, Radheshyam, Hari Krishna, Narayanaya & Shanti

Album art Sacred Sounds part 1: The Elevating Sound of Praise
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Hamsa arati:

(12.52 minutes)

Hari-Bhole arati:

(11.40 minutes)

Guru Brahma arati:

(10.48 minutes)

Radheshyam arati:

(10.58 minutes)

Hare Krishna arati:

(9.57 minutes)

Narayanaya arati:

(9.38 minutes)

Shanti arati:

(12.39 minutes)

About the mantras

The album Sacred Sounds: The Elevating Sound of Praise consists of seven meditative hymns called ‘arati’, spiritual prayers that are sung before a mantra or puja, as a hail to the divine that can bring you into the devotional quality of tender sensitivity.

The CD begins with the Hamsa Om arati, where the healing value of ‘being’ is invoked. ‘Being’ is the carrier of all our experiences: without being, we couldn’t experience anything. This hymnal prayer sings with total surrender to ‘being’ with the words ‘it is so’ and lets you become more immersed in the truth and acceptance of ‘that what is’.

The second arati is dedicated to Hari Bhole, another name for Shiva. This hymn to Haribhole is a devotional prayer to the power of the ‘Living Now’. Everything is in continuous change, everything arises and passes away, but only in the Now you can tangibly experience the Essentiality, ‘that which is’.

Then comes the Guru Brahma arati, which is also about this value of essentiality. Essentiality is the true inner teacher; essentiality is the vision-less and goalless truth of existence. This arati helps you to learn to have deeper trust in that essentiality, in that inner teacher.

Next comes the Radeshyam arati. If you have got the idea from the previous hymns that besides essentiality there also exists non-essentiality, this arati is a hymnal praise dedicated to the universal truth in which no opposites exist but where everything comes together in the Essence as the fullness of all, the ‘one’. In tantra ‘radeshyam’ expresses that the equivalent amalgamation of everything is the deepest experience of wholeness. Essentiality is not the opposite of anything; it is the fullness of everything joined together.

The arati is then followed by the Hare Krishna arati, which is dedicated to the quality of love that is perceptible when you open yourself to the aforementioned values of ‘being’ and ‘essentiality’. The love that is sung as Krishna, is not a human sentiment, but involves the purest energy from which man can act.

The next arati is devoted to Narayanaya, another name for Vishnu energy, the power of existence. May all that exists and is kept alive by existence, be greeted so deeply with a ‘yes’ that it leads to a deep acceptance and thus inner peace? Chanting ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ is considered an energetic contribution to world peace. To say profoundly ‘yes’ to the realities of your existence and the universe around you, you are open to a more peaceful and balanced way of living.

The CD ends with the Shanti arati. This arati is used prior to the ‘Tattvamasi Mantra’ to indicate the profound peace you will experience when you realize that love, essentiality and being are the values that you truly are and they come together in you. The values of all previous arati’s – of ‘being’, ‘now’, ‘essentiality’, ‘fullness’, ‘love’ and ‘peace’, after all bring you into the experience that all of this is the deepest truth that you are and that in being open to it, brings you in a deep spiritual peace (shanti).

Arati’s (lofzang)

Offers a devotional healing of the relationship with your soul

Hamsa arati

  • Offers a sensitive healing of your experience of being.
  • The arati instills self-acceptance and inner peace.

Hari-Bhole arati

  • Offers a sensitive healing of your mental strain.
  • The arati brings you back home to who you are and to your inner value.

Guru Brahma arati

  • Offers a sensitive healing of your wisdom.
  • The arati instills confidence in your being and goodness.

Radheshyam arati

  • Offers a sensitive healing of your emotional freedom.
  • The arati instills harmony in your dualistic thoughts and views and gives a protective feeling of wholeness.

Hare Krishna arati

  • Offers a sensitive healing of your access to your soul.
  • The arati brings you past personal sentiment through the experience of being covered in freedom.

Narayanaya arati

  • Offers a sensitive healing of the flow of your compassion.
  • The arati offers contact with the loving power of life.

Shanti arati

  • Offers a sensitive healing of the depth of your tranquility.
  • The arati offers stillness and presence in its simplicity.

Sacred Sounds set

Album art Sacred Sounds set

Sacred Sounds part 1 to 3: The Cosmic Sound of Recitation, The Elevating Sound of Praise & The Soothing Sound of Embrace.
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