Celebration of Peace

Hamsa, Om Namo Narayanaya, Tattvamasi & Radheshyam mantra

Album art Celebration of Peace
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Hamsa mantra:

(15.13 minutes)

Om Namo Narayanaya mantra:

(20.49 minutes)

Tattvamasi mantra:

(20.00 minutes)

Radheshyam mantra:

(20.16 minutes)

About the mantras

The mantras of the CD Celebration of Peace offer a musical and meditative guidance that answers a deep longing for inner and outward peace. The guidance starts with humanity’s basic and elementary question ‘Who am I?’ The Hamsa Mantra answers musically with: ‘When you open yourself to the depth of your being, you naturally experience the peaceful presence within.’ When you experience this, your answer will be: ‘The inward, loving peace I now experience, I dearly wish to share with world.’

The Om Namo Narayana mantra assists you in sharing this peace with the world, mantra after mantra. You’re becoming aware that by doing so, everyone around you bears the same loving peace within and the Tattvamasi Mantra supports this in an intense way. To recognize inner peace as the essence of who you are and who others are, gives you a deep feeling of closeness and a shared dedication to peace that you joyfully affirm with the Radhesham Mantra. This mantra expresses thankfulness to all who are devoted to the essence of life. After this guidance only stillness and peace remain, both inwardly and in the radiance of your energy field.

Celebration of Peace Mantras

4 Meditative Mantras for Spiritual Self-awareness, Compassion, Brotherhood & Respect

  • Hamsa mantra short version: offers a meditative healing for spiritual self-awareness
  • Om Namo Narayanaya mantra short version: Offers a meditative healing for spiritual compassion
  • Tattvamasi mantra short version: Offers a meditative healing for spiritual brotherhood
  • Radheshyam mantra short version: Offers a meditative healing for spiritual respect

Celebration Mantras set

Album art ‘Trimurti’ set

Celebration of Life, Joy, Love, Peace, Light & Being.
Price: 60 euro

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