Celebration of Light

Om Bhagavate, Maha, Om Mani Padme Hum & Gayatri mantra

Album art Celebration of Light
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Om Bhagavate mantra:

(17.30 minutes)

Maha mantra:

(19.57 minutes)

Om Mani Padme Hum mantra:

(19.54 minutes)

Gayatri mantra:

(19.40 minutes)

About the mantras

The mantras of the CD Celebration of Light help you to open yourself to that which ‘enlightens’, ‘expands’ and ‘illuminates’ creation, to that which may be called insight, spirituality, God or ‘Light’. You are replenished by the profound value of ‘Light’ so it may open and nourish you, and its illumination may inspire you and develop trust in its creative power. In that openness you feel the beneficial influence of ‘Light’ and feel its liberating effect.

The CD begins with the Om Namo Bhagavate Mantra. This mantra sings in a soothing manner about your longing for the ‘Light of the Great Indweller’, for Bhagavate, for the divine, your longing for the ‘Light’ that creates and sustains everything, for the ‘Light’ that gives you life. In this comforting, soothing mantra you will slowly open yourself more fully for this depth and connect more clearly with the clarity of ‘Light’. And in this spiritual adoration for the ‘Light’ you will become more at ease, more free.

Next comes the Maha Mantra, the most important Hindu mantra, which expresses the value of Krishna as the ‘Light of Love’. The concept of ‘Krishna’ stands for love as the basis of your humane qualities and actions and invites you to live from a loving clarity and respect for creation and your fellow men.Allowing the Krishna-energy creates a spiritual unity or togetherness with the ‘Light of Love’.

The third mantra of this CD is the Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra, the main mantra of Tibetan Buddhism, where the ‘Light’ of ‘the Jewel in the Lotus of the Heart’ is sung. This jewel is the lightest, brightest and deepest aspect of your spiritual heart, the source of love in you. By opening yourself you will be touched, nourished and enriched by this inner light. This ‘Light’ affects everything and pervades everything, and thereby creates space for growth and development. If you open yourself to the ‘Light’, it cleanses your consciousness, your life and your heart, which makes this mantra a spiritual prayer that affects you directly.

To conclude, the Gayatri Mantra supplements this series. The Gayatri Mantra is also a very important Hindu mantra, in which ‘Light’ as the most important spiritual power, dispels all darkness from your consciousness. The ‘Light’ is spiritually so special, because it doesn’t fight darkness. The darkness simply cannot tolerate the ‘Light’ and leaves peacefully, without a fight, as the night also dissipates quietly for the day.

That’s why the ‘Light’ is a widely used value for God or Essentiality. It is a meditative delight to be completely surrounded by this spiritual ‘light’, to be shone on and to be nourished by it and to be made lighter and freer, so that you may live with an open awareness. If it becomes ‘Light’ in your consciousness, ignorance and insensitivity leave without struggle and a beautiful, peaceful and secure truthfulness remains for you to be joyful in it.

Celebration of Light Mantras

4 Luminous Mantras for Spiritual Adoration, Togetherness, Prayer & Light

  • Om Bhagavate mantra short version: offers a luminous healing for spiritual adoration
  • Maha mantra short version: offers a luminous healing for spiritual togetherness
  • Om Mani Padme Hum mantra short version: offers a luminous healing for spiritual prayer
  • Gayatri mantra short version: offers a luminous healing for spiritual light

Celebration Mantras set

Album art ‘Trimurti’ set

Celebration of Life, Joy, Love, Peace, Light & Being.
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